Outdoor Covers Made with
Tyvek® UV-Protected Soft Structure Style 1460C
and Tyvek® Style 2462C

Material Concepts is an authorized supplier of two styles of DuPont™ Tyvek® material that can be use to make outdoor covers : UV-Protected Soft Structure Tyvek® Style 1460C and Tyvek® Style 2462C. Both styles are offered for sale online.


Tyvek® Style 1460C

Tyvek® Style 1460C is a tough, durable Tyvek® material with a UV inhibitor that gives it an extended outdoor life, making it perfect for outdoor covers. There are many outdoor cover applications for Tyvek® UV-Protected Soft Structure Style 1460C, including:

  • Outdoor furniture covers
  • Covers for bikes and other vehicles such as ATVs, mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles
  • Outdoor storage - covers for anything stored outside

Used in applications where UV protection is a prime concern, and the material's drape, hand, and soft feel is important too, Tyvek® Style 1460C is a proven shield from weather and the sun, blocking 98% of the sun's damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. With its UV protection, Tyvek® Style 1460C is uniquely suited for outdoor covering applications. The UV inhibitor is designed to extend the life of Tyvek® 1460C in applications where it is exposed to the sun.

Tyvek® UV-Protected Soft Structure Style 1460C Features

Roll of Tyvek® UV-Protected Soft Structure Style 1460C
  • Fabric-like
  • Flexible
  • UV protection
  • Tear resistant
  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • Water resistant and breathable

Tyvek® 1460C is an extremely versatile soft structure style material because it is UV stabilized. Tyvek® Style 1460C can replace bulkier and heavier materials and has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. All Tyvek® styles are breathable and resist mildew by allowing trapped water to evaporate. Tyvek® also keeps out bird droppings, soot, debris, pollen, and other forms of environmental pollution. Brilliantly white and reflective, Tyvek® Style 1460C keeps the temperature of what it is covering lower than other competitive outdoor covering materials. Style 1460C is light and is easily fabricated into protective covers that are lightweight and store compactly when not in use. Tyvek® can be sewn on any conventional sewing machine. Click here for instructions on sewing Tyvek® (PDF).

For additional information and technical specifications, view the Tyvek® UV Soft Structure Style 1460C product page.


Tyvek® Style 2462C

Tyvek® Style 2462C is bi-laminate nonwoven fabric engineered to provide high strength and excellent protection from the elements. Tyvek® Style 2462C is water resistant and will not absorb water when wet, performing better than fabrics made from natural fibers for outdoor cover uses. The potential for mold and mildew growth within the cover is reduces since water can readily evaporate through Tyvek® Style 2462C. It can be draped, and can be fabricated into protective covers for multiple uses. It is often used to make RV covers, and it can also be used to make covers for ATVs, boats and other water crafts, snowmobiles, scooters, BBQs and many more.

Tyvek RV Cover

Tyvek® Style 2462C Features

  • Effectively blocks 99.8% of the sun's damaging UV rays that can fade interior and exterior surfaces
  • Provides superior water resistance while allowing moisture to escape
  • Resists acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap and other forms of environmental pollution to keep whatever it's covering clean
  • Holds out more than 98% of dirt and dust particles that can scratch and damage painted surfaces
  • Source: Tyvek® Recreational Vehicle Covers page on the DuPont™ website

With its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, Tyvek® Style 2462C is a lighter alternative to most fabrics. The barrier properties of Tyvek® Style 2462C block harmful UV rays and provide protection from a variety of chemicals and environmental contaminates. Tyvek® Style 2462C stores compactly when not in use and is easily sewn on any conventional sewing machine.

For additional information and technical specifications, view the Tyvek® Style 2462C product page.


Material Concepts - Tyvek® Covers Supplier

Material Concepts is a leading authorized distributor of Tyvek® used for outdoor covers because of:

  • Customer service
  • Access to DuPont™ Tyvek® technical support
  • Fast order turnaround
  • Product quality
  • Standard and custom sizes

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