Tyvek® Envelopes

DuPont Tyvek Envelopes

Tyvek® envelopes provide the distinctive look and feel to make a company brand stand out! A Tyvek® envelope gives an impact to any package, enhancing the company image and making an impression on customers. A Tyvek® shipping envelope is light, tear-resistant, and water-resistant. That's why Tyvek® mailing envelopes are used extensively by most major small package delivery companies.

Material Concepts is a leading supplier of stock and custom printed Tyvek® envelopes. Material Concepts sells and distributes Tyvek® envelopes to customers across the globe.

Why Choose Tyvek® Envelopes?

Tyvek® envelopes have a distinctive look and feel. The bright white color and smooth texture sets a Tyvek® envelope apart from all other mail. A company's professional image is enhanced by the contrast of graphics images against the brilliant whiteness of the Tyvek® envelope.

Tyvek Envelopes from Material Concepts

Features of Tyvek® Envelopes

Tyvek® envelopes are widely used because they are lightweight, water resistant, strong and durable. The unique composition of a Tyvek® envelope makes it the strongest envelope available. A Tyvek® envelope offers superb protection from tears, punctures, and moisture. Remarkably light, Tyvek® envelopes can help to save on mailing costs. Tyvek® envelopes are also kind to the environment. For all mailing needs, Tyvek® envelopes are an excellent choice and a secure means of sending important documents.

Benefits of Tyvek® Envelopes

Tyvek® envelopes are widely used because they are:

  • Lightweight - saves on mailing costs
  • Water resistant - the Tyvek® material protects the contents under wet conditions during transport and delivery
  • Strong - the high strength to weight ratio of Tyvek® is perfect for envelopes
  • Durable - resistant to tearing, mishandling during shipment
  • Secure - keeps important documents safe throughout the entire delivery process
  • Recyclable

DuPont Tyvek envelopes are burst resistant as well as lightweight and water resistant. You can buy Tyvek envelopes from Material Concepts, an authorized Tyvek distributor.

Tyvek® Envelopes Sizes/Styles

Material Concepts offers Tyvek® envelopes in a variety of standard sizes, in flat and expandable styles to match any mailing needs. Popular sizes include 10" x 13" Tyvek® envelopes and 6" x 9" Tyvek® envelopes. Jumbo Tyvek® envelopes, inter-departmental Tyvek® envelopes, and cushioned Tyvek® bubble envelopes are also available for purchase. Minimum order quantity is 2500 envelopes.


Tyvek® envelopes come in a many styles and sizes and can be custom imprinted with company name, company logo, first class border, and any other graphics to customize the Tyvek® mailer. Minimum order quantity for printed Tyvek® envelopes is 2500.

Material Concepts - Tyvek® Envelopes Supplier

Material Concepts is the leading supplier and authorized master distributor of Tyvek® mailing envelopes and Tyvek® shipping envelopes because of:

  • Customer service
  • Fast order turnaround
  • Product quality
  • Easy customization process

Contact Material Concepts for Tyvek® Envelopes

Contact Us to buy Tyvek® mailing envelopes and Tyvek® shipping envelopes or for further assistance. The minimum order quantity for Tyvek® envelopes is 2500.

Tyvek® is a registered trademark of DuPont used under license by Material Concepts.