Template Paper

Template paper is used in shipbuilding and metal fabrication of hull steel and other large metal pieces. Shipyards and metal fabrication shops are typical users of template papers. Users rely on Material Concepts’ high grade template papers for:

  • Sheet metal layout / Sheet metal template paper
  • Shipyard template paper
  • Pipelines, Gas / Oil pipe pattern paper
  • Mold loft paper
  • Welding
  • Digital production
  • Mechanical production
  • Optical tracing
  • Multiple torch burning

Material Concepts' four brands of template paper include Superior-White™, Manila, SuperWeight® Manila, and Tyvek® Template.

Material Concepts starts by purchasing only the finest quality paper stock. All template paper is then converted in-house at Material Concepts' manufacturing and distribution facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Standard width sizes range from 40″ up to 107″ depending on the style choosen.

Whether using an electric-eye photo cell flame cutter, a photocell tracer, or working in a traditional mold loft, Material Concepts' template paper is appreciated for its excellent contrast and stability.

Superweight™ Manila

Superweight™ Manila template paper is Material Concepts’ heaviest template paper, available in widths up to 107″ in 270’ rolls. Superweight™ Manila replaces red coated template paper and red waxed template paper.

Green Template Board

At .030″, this green template board is the thickest template material available for general layout applications when thickness is a necessity. Green template board is available in rolls with widths of 40″, 48″, 60″, 72″ and 80″.


Superior-White™ is the high grade paper offered by Material Concepts, used mainly for optical tracing and multiple torch burning. Electric-eye photo cell flame cutters will appreciate the Superior-White™ brand template paper with its high quality and economical price. Superior-White™ has excellent contrast for photocell tracers. Its smooth hard finish, with excellent dimensional stability, works well with pencil or ink. Its bright white color provides excellent contrast. Users moving from Super-White will appreciate the characteristics of Material Concepts' Superior-White™.

Width 48"
Length 750’
Diameter 12"
Thickness .011" and .013"
Roll Weight 150 lbs.


Material Concepts' manila template paper has characteristics similar to Superior-White™, but at less cost.

  4X 3X 2X
Thickness .015" .013" .011"
Lbs/3000 ft2 200 175 150
Roll widths 40" 40", 54" 40", 48", 60", 72"

4X - Middleweight®, 3X - Bantamweight®, 2X - Flyweight®

Applications - Pipe Template Paper / Pipe Pattern Paper

Customers in the gas and oil pipeline industry and some welding applications use Material Concepts' template paper. Every pipe and beam needs a template. Template paper is wrapped around the pipe, then the pattern is traced onto the pipe. The template paper is then discarded and the work can proceed.

Standard and Custom Sizes/Styles

Material Concepts supplies many standard stock sizes and custom sized template paper.

Material Concepts - Template Paper Supply

Material Concepts is a leading supplier of template paper because of:

  • Customer service
  • Fast order turnaround
  • Product quality
  • Standard and custom sizes

Material Concepts is a leading template paper expert. If previously using Flyweight®, Bantamweight®, Middleweight®, Heavyweight®, or Superwhite® brand papers, Material Concepts' template papers will prove to be top quality and more economical.

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