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Material Concepts is a leading supplier of plotter pens for use in all types of plotters, including flatbed plotters and other computer-driven plotters. Material Concepts is a leading supplier of Fisher® plotter pens along with Silhouette System plotter pens and Pattern Design plotter pens. Material Concepts supplies plotter pens for Lectra, Gerber, Autometrix, Assyst Bullmer, Eastman, Tukatech, Investronica, Ioline, and all other computer-driven plotters.

Please use the following lookup chart to find the appropriate Fisher plotter pen for a specific plotter and application.

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TypeModelFisher/Other Compatible Plotter Pen
Allen DataGraph PSGM20BK
Alphamerics PM30BK, PGB42BK
Amdek PM30BK
Applicon PM35BK, 89GBB
Aristo PM30BK
Assyst BullmerFlat Bed PlottersPM35BK, 89GBB
Assyst BullmerPC-136/3PGB42BK
Assyst BullmerSummit 600PSGBBK, PSGLBBK
Autotrol Mark IV PM30BK
Aviolyt PM35BK, 89GBB
Benson - Schlumberger PM30BK
Broomall PM30BK
Bruning - Zeta PM35BK, 89GBB
Bullmer Assyst PNC2010-2020-2030-2040PM35BK, 89GBB
Calcomp56x, 1023, 1040PM27BK
Calma(GE)-960 DDMPM30BK
Camtec PM30BK
CIL Quest PM30BK
ComputervisionP-1000, P-1100, Interact IIPM30BK
ComputervisionInteract III, IVPM35BK, 89GBB
Cutting Edge PSGM20BK
Dale Graphic Equipment PM30BK
Data Design Logic Systems1100, 2200, 3200, 3400, 4400PM30BK
Data Technology PM35BK, 89GBB
DCS Digital Computer System PM30BK
Digigraph1208A, 7943-13PM30BK
Elcede PM30BK
Enter Computer PM27BK
Estherline Angus PM35BK, 89GBB
Gerber42, 43, 75, 77, 78PM26BK
Gerber60, 65, 70PM27BK
Gerber78-5, 78-6, 88, 4400PM30BK
GerberG2X, 3X, 4X, 6XPM35BK, 89GBB
Gerber510, 520PSGBBK, PSGLBBK
Gerber AccuPlotAP-300, AP-320, AP-360PPGT50 (Ink Cartridges)
Gerber AP 300, 310, 320, 700PGB42BK
Gerber MP5, 10, 12, 28PGB42BK
Gerber MP28PM35BK, 89GBB
Gerber SP200PGB42BK
Gerber SprintHS 15, HS 750PGF18BK
Gerber SprintGS 750, D-200PGF18BK
Gerber Fast Track555, 1300PSGM20BK
Gerber Envision375, 750PSGM20BK
Gerber Cutting Edge2500, 3500PSGBBK, PSGLBBK
GFI Digiplot A1 PM30BK
Glaser PM30BK
Graphtec / WatanabeOtherPM30BK, PSGM20BK
Graphtec / WatanabeGP-9401PSGM20BK
Hewlett Packard / HPDraftmaster I, Draftmaster II, 7500PM27BK
Hewlett Packard / HP7570PM35BK, 89GBB
Houston Instruments PM30BK
IBM7374, 7375PM27BK
IBM7361PM35BK, 89GBB
Investronica PM35BK, 89GBB
Ioline3500, 3700, 4000PM27BK
Ioline600Ae, 600AeX, 28Ae, 28HPSGBBK, PSGLBBK
IolineSummit 2200PSGBBK
KernDSR-11PM35BK, 89GBB
Kongsberg PM35BK, 89GBB
Kuhlman PM30BK
LectraFlypenPPGFLY Lectra Flypen ink cartridge
LectraE31PM35BK, 89GBB
LectraE32, E33PGB42BK
Mimaki PM30BK, PSGM20BK
MutohAlpha 1000, RS, S2PM27BK
MutohAC 1000-1300-1650-1880PSGBBK, PSGLBBK
Nicolet Zeta PM35BK, 89GBB
Numonics PM27BK
Oce Graphics / Benson PM30BK
Plotter TechnologyTX1800, TX1800S, Neon Series, Eclipse SeriesPSGM20BK, PSGLBBK
Rikadenki PM30BK
RolandCAMM-1 CM-300, CM-400, CM-500PSGM20BK
RolandCAMM-1 PNC-1910PM30BK
Roland PM27BK
Rotring PM27BK, PM30BK, PM35BK, 89GBB
Schlumberger - Benson PM30BK
Seiko PM30BK
Staedtler PM27BK, PM30BK, PM35BK, 89GBB
Staedtler452 PLM-76mmPM30BK
Wang PM30BK
Watanabe / Graphtec OtherPM30BK, PSGM20BK
Watanabe / GraphtecGP-9401PSGM20BK
Western Graphtec PM30BK
WildTA 100 BXLPM30BK, PM35BK, 89GBB
Xynetics PM35BK, 89GBB
ZeissSeries DPPM30BK
Zeta - Bruning PM35BK, 89GBB

Fisher Plotter Pens

Fisher Plotter Pens are a long-lasting and trouble-free writing tool used in many types of plotters. Unlike ordinary plotter pens which rely on gravity to feed ink, Fisher plotter pens are pressurized and can plot effectively in any application.

Key Features of Fisher Plotter Pens

Fisher Plotter Pen - Fisher Space Pen logo

  • Never dries up
  • No need for capping the pen
  • Writes on Mylar, Vinyl, and other materials
  • Writes longer distances because it's pressurized
  • Long lasting - more than 5 kilometers of drawing (3 times more than roller ball bens)
  • Writes at very high speeds, up to 3 meters per second
  • All plotter pens are unconditionally guaranteed

Fisher plotter pens were developed in response to the need for a trouble-free and long-lasting writing instrument. The technology is based upon 60 years of research and development in ball point cartridges by the Fisher Space Pen® Co. Unlike ordinary ball pens which rely on gravity to feed ink, the replaceable Fisher Space Pen is pressurized. At nearly 50 pounds per square inch, ink is continuously fed to the tungsten carbide ball, allowing writing or plotting at any angle, even upside down. This advancement required the development of special ink. Fisher’s new visco-elastic ink, with a consistency similar to that of very thick rubber cement, flows as a result of the shearing action of the rolling ball in its socket. This shearing action liquefies the solid gel thixotropic ink, allowing the plotter pen to write smoothly and dependably on most surfaces and even under water.

Fisher Plotter Pens - Super Bold Giant Plotter Pen

Fisher Plotter Pens - Bold Giant Plotter Pen

Fisher Plotter Pens - Bold Standard Plotter Pen

Additional Features of Fisher Plotter Pens

  • Stainless steel, precision machined socket prevents leaking and oozing, and delivers instant uniform ink flow.
  • Evaporation, wasted ink, and back leakage are eliminated.
  • Shelf-life is increased to an estimated 100 years.
  • Fisher plotter pens won’t stop writing or dry out until the ink is fully consumed.

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