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Tyvek® Credit Card Sleeves

Dupont Tyvek Credit Card Sleeves Tyvek® credit card sleeves provide the distinctive look and feel to impress your customers with your company’s brand. Material Concepts is a leading supplier of stock and custom printed Tyvek® credit card sleeves to image conscious customers across the globe. Used extensively by financial institutions as a protective sleeve for ATM, debit, and credit cards, a Tyvek® credit card sleeve is a powerful advertisement with true functionality - offering the card holder a convenient and protective sleeve for a frequently used card while giving you repeat recognition of your company’s image.

Tyvek Credit Card Sleeves

Why Choose Tyvek® Credit Card Sleeves?

Besides a great advertising tool for your company or organization, these sleeves are a convenience and people really do use them. They protect the card’s magnetic strip from scratching and static. Tyvek® credit card sleeves are in people’s wallets everywhere. Once they go in, they stay in - Tyvek® credit card sleeves are a long-lasting protector of the card’s magnetic strip and continual reminder of your company name.

Features of Tyvek® Protective Credit Card Sleeves

Dupont Tyvek Envelopes  - Protect What’s Inside Tyvek® is lightweight, water resistant, and tear resistant. Its excellent printability allows a powerful and affordable means of advertising. Tyvek® credit card sleeves are widely used because they really do protect the magnetic strip on your credit cards. Plus, they’re 100% recyclable.

Customization of Tyvek® Credit Card Sleeves

Tyvek® credit card sleeves are easily customizable and Material Concepts makes it easy to order custom credit card sleeves. Submit your artwork, we'll send you a proof, and we'll have your order shipped and at your door within 10 business days. For a bigger impact, flood coat your credit card sleeves with red, orange, yellow, any color you like!

More Uses for Tyvek® Credit Card Sleeves

Tyvek® credit card sleeves are not just for credit cards. Here are some creative ideas:
  • Identification cards for your business, college, etc.
  • Supply helpful information such as: calendars, sports team schedules, emergency numbers, and useful local numbers.
  • Announce a new service or location and list branch offices or ATM locations.
  • Promote services or products your client may not be aware of.
  • Put your business card in a Tyvek® sleeve when handing it to a prospect.
  • Use it in place of a business card for a differentiating look.
  • Distribute small gifts to clients, such as tickets to a sporting event or concert.
  • Provide instructions for care and use of products.

Material Concepts - Your Tyvek® Credit Card Sleeve Supplier

Material Concepts is the leading supplier and authorized master distributor of Tyvek® credit card sleeves because of:
  • Customer service
  • Fast order turnaround
  • Product quality
  • Easy customization process

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Material Concepts Also Offers RFID Blocking Tyvek® Credit Card and Passport Sleeves

Material Concepts also offers RFID Blocking Tyvek® credit card sleeves and RFID Blocking Tyvek® passport sleeves.
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Tyvek® is a DuPont™ registered trademark.


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