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Archival Quality Tyvek®, Tyvek® Soft Wrap for Art Archiving

Tyvek Sheets made from Dupont Tyvek Archival Tyvek® or Tyvek® Soft Wrap is used by museums and art packagers to protect a variety of items such as paintings, sculptures, sketches, documents, and many other materials during shipping and storage.

Material Concepts is a converter and distributor of archival art packaging supplies, featuring soft Tyvek® styles 14M and 14MX. Material Concepts sells and distributes these Tyvek® Soft Wrap archival art supplies to dealers, museums, and fine art packagers worldwide. Archivists also use it as a crate lining or crate liner for shipping artwork.

Why choose Archival Quality Tyvek®?

Dupont Tyvek is water resistant and durable, perfect for archival art uses. You can buy Tyvek Soft Wrap rolls from Material Concepts, an authorized Tyvek distributor. Made from 100% high-density polyethylene fibers, Tyvek® Soft Wrap is manufactured in a unique flash-spinning process without the use of binders. Tyvek® is formed by a continuous process from very fine 0.5-1.0 micrometer fibers - 50 times smaller than a human hair. These fibers are first spun and then bonded together by heat and pressure until a solid sheet structure is formed. All Tyvek® styles have a neutral pH=7. Archival quality soft Tyvek® styles 14M and 14MX have no antistatic treatments and are safe for archival use.

Features of Archival Quality Tyvek®

  • 14M - 1.25oz/yd²
  • 14MX - 1.75oz/yd² - heavier weight and available up to 120″ wide

Archival quality Tyvek® styles 14M and 14MX are soft, flexible, water and tear resistant, particulate free, and breathable. Since Tyvek® can be easily sewn (PDF), glued, or taped, it can be fabricated into soft cushions, dust covers, sleeves, garment bags, storage bags - or taken from the roll as needed to create clean work areas, table tops, or displays.

Soft-structure Tyvek® styles 14M and 14MX are widely used because they are:

  • Lightweight and tear resistant - Tyvek® has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • Water resistant and breathable - Tyvek® is equally strong wet or dry, and best of all, it breathes
  • pH neutral and antistat free - There are no antistatic coatings or treatments on 14M or 14MX styles
  • Versatile and fabric-like - Tyvek® can be used right from the roll, or is easily fabricated into cushions or sleeves

Standard and Custom Sizes/Styles

Style 14-M is available as follows:

  • 60″ × 100 linear yard rolls

Style 14-MX is available as follows:

  • 60″ × 100 linear yard rolls
  • 60″ × 10 linear yard rolls
  • Custom sizes and slitting also available

Same day shipping is available on almost every Tyvek® style and size in stock. Custom roll widths and lengths are available.

Temperature Ranges for Tyvek®

Tyvek® provides superb performance across a wide range of temperatures. In cold temperatures it retains its toughness and flexibility down to -131°F (-73°C). It will not begin to shrink until the temperature reaches 2447°F (118°C) or melt until 275°F (135°C). The auto-ignition temperature for Tyvek® is 650°F (343°C)

Material Concepts - Your Tyvek® Soft Wrap / Tyvek® Archival Art Supply Source

Material Concepts is a leading supplier and authorized master distributor of soft Tyvek® archival art material because of:
  • Customer service
  • Knowledgeable Tyvek® Specialists
  • Fast order turnaround
  • Product quality
  • Standard and custom sizes

Contact Material Concepts for Tyvek® Soft Wrap/ Archival Quality Tyvek®

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Tyvek® is a registered trademark of DuPont™ for its brand of protective material.


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