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Material Concepts’ pattern plastic is best when pattern making requires a durable pattern medium that lasts longer than various pattern paper. Pattern plastic is used to created long lasting, durable, and flexible patterns. It will not crack, curl, or become frayed like paper. It is easy to cut, mark, and notch. For computerized pattern scribers, Material Concepts recommend pattern plastic - it lasts longer and can provide savings in the long run.

Pattern Plastic Sheets

The stock pattern plastic sheet sizes are 40" x 57" and 40" x 59", 25 sheets/bundle, with available colors of natural, green, red and yellow. See the following table for specifics. Custom sizes, thicknesses and colors are available by special order.

pattern plastic sheets and rolls by Material Concepts

Color Size Available Thickness
Natural (clear) 40" x 57" .020" and .030"
Green 40" x 59" .020"
Red 40" x 59" .020"
Yellow 40" x 59" .020"
Tan 40" x 59" .020"
White 40" x 59" .020"
Blue 40" x 59" .020"

Pattern Plastic Rolls

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Material Concepts - Pattern Plastic Supplier

Material Concepts is a leading supplier and distributor of pattern plastic because of:

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