Valéron® RugWrap™

Valéron® Strength Film is recognized as the strongest film per mil of any film available with regard to tear, burst, and puncture resistance. Valéron RugWrap™ is a rug wrap that has been trusted by rug dealers for over 20 years. Unlike poly tubing and other polyethylene wraps, Valéron provides both high tensile strength and excellent tear- and puncture-resistance while protecting high value rugs from damage while in transit.

Material Concepts sells and distributes Valéron® RugWrap™ to Oriental, Persian, and area rugs dealers worldwide.

Valéron® RugWrap™ Properties

  • 3.0 mil - stronger than 6.0 mil poly
  • White and opaque
  • High burst strength
  • Excellent tear and puncture resistance
  • Valéron is 100% proven in child proof packaging - as a rug wrap, it’s the strongest available

valeron rug wrap distributed by Material Concepts, Inc.

Why choose Valéron® RugWrap™?

Valéron Strength Film is high-performance packaging. Valéron RugWrap™ provides the ultimate in tough, moisture-resistant, tear-resistant, and puncture-resistant packaging for high value rugs. A cross-laminated, high-density polyolefin film that is environmentally friendly and recyclable, Valéron RugWrap™ is the smart economical choice for larger-scale shipping applications.

Valéron® RugWrap™ rolls in stock and ready to go:

  • 48″ × 200 yard rolls
  • 48″ × 400 yard rolls
  • 60″ × 200 yard rolls
  • 60″ × 400 yard rolls

Ask for RugWrap™ made with 100% Valéron®

There are some less effective imitators - click here for information on how to spot them. Only RugWrap™ made with 100% Valéron® can best protect your valuable rugs in shipment and storage.

Material Concepts - Your Valéron® RugWrap™ Supplier

Material Concepts is a leading supplier and distributor of Valéron® RugWrap™ because of:

  • Customer service
  • Same day shipping
  • Product quality

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Valéron® is a registered trademark of Valéron Strength Films, an ITW Company.