Rug Wrap / Carpet Wrap Packaging and Shipping Accessories

Material Concepts is your RugWrap™ Headquarters, offering a complete line of accessories for use with carpet wrap to complete the packing and shipping task.

Material Concepts offers the following RugWrap™ packing/shipping products:

Kraft paper roll

Kraft Paper

  • 70# Heavy Kraft Paper
    • 48″ × 3000’ (250 lbs)
    • 48″ × 550’ (60 lbs)
  • 40# Kraft Paper
    • 48″ × 800’
    • 60″ × 800’
    • 66″ × 800’
    • 72″ × 800’

Tyvek rug tags

Tyvek® Rug Tags

  • #5 Tyvek® rug tags - unprinted
  • 4¾″ x 2¼″, 1000/box
  • Reinforced metal eyelet without wire
  • Easily marked with a Sharpie pen

Valéron Rug Tags

  • #5 Valéron Rug Tags - preprinted
  • 4¾″ x 2¼″,1000/roll
  • Printing says: “Genuine Hand Woven Oriental Rug”
  • Fields: Rug#, Type, Size, Fabric, Color, Quality, Origin, Price
  • Available in white or yellow
  • Easily marked with a Sharpie pen

3-ply poly twine by Material Concepts


  • 3-Ply Poly Twine
  • 2800’ per box
  • 4-10 lb boxes per case
  • Jute twine and Sisal twine also available

Tagging guns, needles and fasteners

  • Hawk Standard Tagging Gun, All-Steel Replacement Needles, 3″ Standard Fasteners
    • Lightweight and compact with an ergonomic pistol grip, the Hawk standard tagging gun is our most economical tagging solution for rugs and carpets
    • For use with all standard attachments and all-steel replacement needles
    • Hawk tagging guns are constructed of high impact molded plastic and best suited for light to moderate tagging applications

Tags fasteners for use with tagging gun Tagging gun Tagging needles

  • Avery Dennison MARK III Standard Tagging Gun – Durable and Reliable
    • With a high quality ergonomic design and an easy-squeeze mechanism the Mark III tagging gun is especially comfortable to use in higher volume tagging applications.
    • Invented by Avery Dennison in the 1960s, the Avery Dennison® Swiftach® fastening system revolutionized the retail industry by producing a quick, safe and cost-effective method to attach tags to products.
    • Uses the same all-steel replacement needles and standard fasteners as the HAWK tagging gun

    Mark III tagging gun with box Mark III Tagging gun

  • Avery SHD® Pistol-Grip™ Tool and Replacement Needles
    • Rugged, reliable long stroke pistol style tool designed to use any Super Heavy Duty fasteners
    • Features a wide grip trigger, making it easier to insert the long needle through tougher materials

    Avery SHD tagging gun in box Avery SHD replacement tagging needles

  • Avery SHD® Fastening System (Super Heavy Duty) - the strongest fasteners and tagging guns available
    • 1¼″ T-End - 50 fasteners per clip and 5000/box
    • 1½″ Loop - 3″ overall length, 25 fasteners per clip and 5000/box
    • Note: Loop fasteners have 25/clip because they are fired twice to apply

    Avery SHD loop fasteners Box of Avery SHD loop fasteners Avery SHD T-end fasteners

Material Concepts - Your RugWrap™ Packaging and Shipping Accessories Headquarters

Material Concepts is a leading supplier of RugWrap™ and carpet wrap accessories because of:

  • Customer service
  • Knowledgeable Product Specialists and Support
  • Fast order turnaround
  • Product quality
  • Long-standing membership in ORIA, Inc, the Oriental Rug Importers Association

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Tyvek® is a registered trademark of DuPont used under license by Material Concepts.

Valéron® is a registered trademark of Valéron Strength Films, an ITW Company.