Wicketed Poly Bags or Wicketted Poly Bags

Wicketed poly bags, also known as wicketted poly bags, have a variety of uses in many industries. Wicketed poly bags hang on a metal bracket so that they are easily removed for use in packaging and other applications. These are side weld poly bags with two holes at the top of the bag where the metal wicket is placed to hold them. They are often used in high speed automatic packaging systems, semi-automatic bag openers, or in manual operations. Material Concepts is a leading supplier of wicketed poly bags in various styles and sizes.

Clear Wicketed Poly Bags

These clear wicketed poly bags have the following features:

  • Made of 100% virgin Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) resin that meets FDA/USDA specifications.
  • Mounted 250 per 5" heavy wire wicket for fast and easy manual loading.
  • Bottom gusseted to provide extra space and neat presentation of products.
  • Can be heat sealed, tied, stapled or taped shut.

Standard and Custom Sizes/Styles

Material Concepts supplies standard and some custom-sized wicketed poly bags.

Material Concepts - Wicketed Poly Bags Supplier

Material Concepts is a leading supplier and distributor of wicketed poly bags because of:

  • Customer service
  • Fast order turnaround
  • Product quality
  • Standard and custom sizes

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