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Material Concepts is a leading supplier of packaging tape for all shipping and packaging needs. Packaging tape is often used effectively with a packing tape dispenser to seal a carton or attach a label. Material Concepts offers a wide range of packing tape products and tape dispensers to meet customers' needs and budget, including:

  • Kraft sealing tape (fiberglass reinforced)
  • Custom-printed Kraft tape (reinforces brand recognition)
  • Pre-printed Kraft tape (Warning, Fragile)
  • Kraft paper tape (water-activated gum)
  • Industrial tape (acrylic adhesive for tougher conditions)
  • Strapping tape / filament tape (extra strong)
  • Masking tape
  • Pouch tapes (for mailing pouches)
  • Label protection tape (for use over mailing labels)
  • Tape dispensers

Material Concepts - Packaging Tape Supplier

Material Concepts is a leading supplier and distributor of packing tape because of:

Clear packing tape by Material Concepts

  • Customer service
  • Fast order turnaround
  • Product quality
  • Many standard types, sizes and colors
  • Wide variety of packaging tapes and dispensers
  • Custom solutions for automated packaging equipment

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