Chipboard - Paperboard for Garment Finishing and Packaging

Material Concepts is a leading supplier of chipboard used in garment packaging. The paperboard functions as partitions, fillers, and protectors during shipping and unpacking, ensuring that apparel goods get to their destination in good condition. Items include:

  • Dressboard (dress board)
  • Insertboard (insert board)
  • Die-cut shirtboard (shirt board)
  • Flower cups

Chipboard pallet quantities by Material Concepts


This sturdy gray-on-gray 25 point chipboard provides stability and protection for garments during shipment. Standard sizes:

  • 13" × 26"
  • 15" × 26"
  • 13" × 32"


Less dense and lighter in weight than dressboard, this insertboard is offered in 20 point white-on-white. This chipboard item is most often used in folding and packaging shirts.

    chipboard inserts by Material Concepts

  • 9" × 11"
  • 9" × 12"
  • 12" × 15"

Die-cut Shirtboard

This 13 point chipboard is typically used in preparing shirts for bagging. Material Concepts' die-cut shirtboard is available in many die-cut shapes - Contact Us for more information.

flower cup protectors by Material Concepts

Chipboard Flower Cups

Designed to protect any embroidered or flower accessory during shipping, the flower cup is slotted for easy use.

Material Concepts - Chipboard Supplier

Material Concepts is a leading supplier and distributor of chip board, dress board, shirt board and insert board because of:

  • Customer service
  • Fast order turnaround
  • Product quality
  • Many standard sizes and styles
  • Custom sizes available

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